Ketut Teja Astawa

Balinese Calender

200 x 100 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Nyoman Gunarsa

Kumbhakarna Dhama Negara, Kumbhakarna the Patriot

145 x 145 cm
Oil on Canvas

Ketut Teja Astawa

Confused During The War

240 x 240 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Son Jang sup

The Sun-greeting Dance in Dokdo

250 x 150 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Made Wianta

White Tiger

420 x 275 cm (3panels)
Acrylic Oil, Thread on Canvas

Tjandra Kirana

Behind the window

200 x 120 cm
Oil on Canvas

Jung Yong sung


162 x 112 cm
Korean Ink Scratch on Paper

Chusin Setiadikara


260 x 200 cm
Drawing charcoal and acrylic on canvas

Mangu Putra


227 x 182 cm
Oil and Silver Leaf on Canvas

Jung Jungyeob

Red Bean

91 x 116.8 cm
Oil on Canvas

Wayan Sujana "Suklu"

Last Nine Years 01

180 x 330 cm
ink and acrylic on canvas

Lee Myoung bok


148 x 200 cm
Acrylic on Korean Paper

Ketut Susena


280 x 280 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Kang Yo bae

Mt. Batur

182 x 227 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

Wayan Sudarna Putra

What Are You Doing Man

145 x 280 cm
Oil on Canvas

Koh Gill chun

Stand on the Earth

Variable Size
Plaster Bandage, Plastic Clay

Lee Jong gu


227 x 182 cm
Acrylic on Korean Handmade Paper

Yang Mi Kyeong

No Woman, No Cry

130 x 160 cm
Oil on canvas

Joo Jae whan

100 Years From Now, in 2113, How Will It Change?

120 x 230 cm
Object on Canvas

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Low Stream (2014)

Indonesia Artists
Nyoman Gunarsa   |   Tjandra Kirana   |   Made Wianta   |   Chusin Setiadikara   |   Agung Mangu Putra
Wayan Sujana Suklu   |   Ketut Susena   |   Ketut Teja Astawa   |   Wayan Sudarna Putra

Korea Artists
Son Jang Sup   |   Joo Jae Hwan   |   Kang Yo Bae   |   Lee Jong Gu   |   Koh Gill Chun   |   Lee Myoung Bok
Jung Jung Yeob   |   Jung Yong Sung   |   Yang Mi Kyeong

The common denominator in Jeju and Bali island

Curatorial by Yang Donghun, Director of Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art

Jeju and Bali, they have a similar modifier of fantastic island. The true virtue of the two islands is from a unique regionality. It inherited from a long and intense history. As a representative tourist attraction, Jeju and Bali have a splendid appearance. Also, we surprised that they're an independent kingdom in the past and had a common denominator of the invasion, resistance, and development.

The art of Jeju and Bali is evaluated as the thing of an exotic color in their country. In the Korean culture focused on the Confucianism, the tradition of Jeju with various myths and shamanism remained as a tangible or intangible assets. It becomes a rich inspiration to contemporary artists in Jeju. Recently, we seek the value of it as cultural contents.

It's the same in the case of Bali. Bali is primarily made up of Hindus, and it made an unique identity. With a picturesque natural environment, the traditional spirit produced indigenous arts. The art was introduced to the world by many artists of Bali, and obtained own existence and brilliant value. Presently, the artistic assets make an impression to many visitors in Bali.

This exhibition shows the face in the past and present of the two islands. Artists who seek the own characteristics about Jeju in macroscopic standpoint tell a rarified echo of Jeju sea at this time every year. The screen of their works silently whispers a sincere life of Jeju people in the low place. It is interesting how the artists of Jeju will create a new interpretation about the regionality. In the same manner, the artists of Bali exhibit various works based on the traditional color and life & culture of contemporary Bali people. The story in a refreshing color and image makes a friendly meeting with Bali. This exhibition will be a valuable chance to appreciate the new spray from a big stream of the culture and tradition in Bali under the steep waterfall of contemporary times. What a valuable islands that glitter with their own faces and voices in Asia of the proud cultural ocean!