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Yani Mariani Sastranegara

Born on 17 August 1955 at Rangkasbitung, Banten, Indonesia

She studied at Lembaga Pendidikan Kesenian Jakart a(LPKJ, Jakarta Institute of Art Education); now Institut Kesenian Jakarta (IKJ; Jakarta Institute of the Arts) from 1974 to 1981. She had a solo exhibition at Galeri Lontar in Jakarta in 2002. In 2005 she participated in the Venice Biennale in Italy.

For Yani, there is no stone that is not beautiful. As a child she liked playing with rocks, so she now uses stone as the primary material in her sculptures. In her creative process, she tries to keep the natural beauty of rocks by not altering them. Even stone has its own character in its basic shape, in its cracks, how it can be imitated by other materials, or even made to appear to fly. In this way she makes efforts to show more dynamic themes or narratives, especially how a previously merely beautiful substance now can speak. She often tackles such issues as exploring individual identity, natural beauty, and social problems.

Yani does not limit herself only to stone. She uses found pieces of wood and roots in her works and understands their natural dynamics. Remnants of materials can be used as a foundation and support for purely artistic reasons. The artist thinks far ahead about the forms, since her sculpture tend to be partly abstract with semi-figurative forms which still have some sort of meaning.

*taken from Modern Indonesian Art From Raden Saleh to The Present Day

  • Selected Exhibitions
  • 2007“Boeng Ajo Boeng” 100 tahun Affandi, Museum Affandi, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Pameran Patung Bersama “22 Asian International Art Exhibition”, Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, Bandung, Indonesia
  • 2006Jakarta Biennale XII, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Pameran Patung China – Indonesia “Soliloquy”, Galeri Nasional, Jakarta
  • 2005Participant of Biennale 51, Venezia, Italy
  • Participant of Biennale II, Beijing, China