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Sutjipto Adi

Born in Kalisat, Jember, East Java, on 31 August 1957

  • Education
  • 1977-1981Sekolah Tinggi Seni Rupa Indonesia 'ASRI' (STSRI 'ASRI', Indonesia College of Fine Arts) in Yogyakarta

"My works reflect my quest for meaning in the perfection of human life", says Adi. This is expressed symbolically with human figures, animals, plants and geometric shapes. While many of his works reflect notes of concern about contemporary situations that constantly threaten humanity, they also voice optimism that there still is hope for a better life. This aspiration is implied in the figurative images done in a precise photographic - realist style, along with accurate geometric constructions. The system of composition is sophisticated, and the smooth surfaces without textures seem futuristic and mysterious in a rational yet mystical world.

  • Exhibition
  • 2001Art folio in Singapore
  • 1985solo exhibitions at Dewan Kesenian Surabaya (DKS, Surabaya Arts Council) in East java
  • 1980participating in national and international group exhibitions in Jakarta, Hong Kong and Japan