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I Gusti Ayu Kadek Murniasih

Born on 21 May 1966, Tabanan - Bali

  • Education
  • 1995Studies at Sanggar Seniwati Gallery;
    Self-taught Artist

As a child Murni followed her family when they transmigrated to Makassar in Sulawesi. She came bak to bali in 1987, and moved to Ubud where she learned the Pengosekan style of painting from painter I Dewa Putu Mokoh. In 1992 she began revealing to the art world of Bali her extraordinary talent and her discovery of her imaginary world and her woman’s self. Since 1995 she participated in numerous group exhibitions in Indonesia and abroad. She also held solo shows at Seniwati Gallery of Art by Women in Ubud in 1995; in Australia, Italy, and Hong Kong’s Fringe Club in 1998. She passed away in Ubud, Bali, on 11 January 2006.

Initially Murni’s work was criticized for being ‘dirty’, ‘perverse’, ‘immoral’, but this is to reduce her work to a crude inventory of sex. Murni painted more than sex, however. She painted life. And the objects and events that were her daily companions. All were treated and deformed at the whim of her imagination with a natural simplicity. In fact, seen from their titles and actual, if metaphoric contents what Murni showed us was herself, in her environment and all the aspects of her femininity. She painted an ordinary world in an extraordinary way. Murni carried in her mind and work a symbolic world that was very interesting.

Murni’s technique was no less interesting than her work and world. She followed no preconceived principle of composition. Her creature - objects may peep from just about any corner of the canvas or spring bloating in its very middle. Her imagination attached itself to anything, as in I Lock My Heart. The result pops out, without giving the impression of having been filtered, or repressed by any moral or religious code. Not surprisingly, the manner is na´ve in an odd surreal way; the lines usually curved, are scarce and expressive.

*taken from Modern Indonesian Art - "from Raden Saleh to The Present Day".

  • Solo Exhibition
  • 2002Numthong Gallery, Bangkok
  • 2001Internet Gallery, Japan
  • 2000Nadi Gallery, Jakarta
  • 1999Estro Gallery Padova, Italy
  • 1998Nokia Gallery, Fringe Club, Hongkong
  • Group Exhibition
  • 2002Group Show at Belvedere, 140 Hill Street, Singapore
  • 2001Group Show at Sky Door Art Place Doyama, Tokyo, Japan
  • 2000Group Exhibition of the SENIWATI at Gallery Cipta II, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta
  • 1999Group Exhibition of the SENIWATI at Nusantara Rain Forest, Vegal Park, Walarode, Germany
  • 1998Group Exhibition, Rudana Museum, Mas, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia